Images of the oil spill from a local

Recently a friend of mine posted images of the BP oil spill on his site, Slices of America, an interesting photo site for professional and amateur photographers alike.

He posted images of what Grand Isle looks like after weeks and weeks of being plagued by the oil spill and the landscape of how locals are reacting. It’s a very sad sight but one worth talking about. The imagery is sad and being from that area makes it even more sad for me.


One Response to Images of the oil spill from a local

  1. I spent time in New Orleans doing relief work after Katrina so the news of this spill has been depressing. I haven’t been able to look at the photos of the suffering or dead animals. This site was interesting because it shows the human toll (especially the image that shows the losses posted on the white crosses) that the news really hasn’t done well showing. This has been a weird ignored news story, thanks for sharing this site!

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