RangeFindermag.com – great online source!!! and FREE MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION!!!

April 9, 2010

Are you a pro? If so, you may already know this, but if not, let me let you know that if you are, you can get a free subscription to Range Finder Magazine just for signing up!

RangeFinderMag.com is also a great site with lots of resources and information for professional and amateurs alike.

RangeFinder Magazine has a long history of photographic excellence and being a leader in this industry. Check it out!

Manfrotto – The Gear of professionals

March 30, 2010

Today I want to showcase a company I love, Manfrotto!

I have used many tripods and tripod accessories, but Manfrotto is my gear of choice! They are heavy duty, well worth the extra money you pay and they last forever. They are exceptionally well built and used by professionals world wide.

Manfrotto manufactures other brands as well such as Gitzo, Kata, Avenger, Litec and Brilliant Stages, to name a few. They are unmatched in their quality and they make everything from tripods, to trusses, to tripod heads, to bases and more.

This Italian based company, in my opinion, is the standard by which I hold all other companies in light of. If you are searching for a tripod or lighting support, look no further than Manfrotto!