– awesome resource for studio photographers

February 27, 2010

When I first began becoming interested in learning more about studio lighting than what I was already doing, I found Bill and Ed are the photographers behind this amazing resource for studio shooters. is most likely known and popular for their great podcast Lightsource. This podcasts interviews really great and technically proficient photographers about their lighting, their diffusion choices and even their experiences with subjects, but it really does narrow down to their lighting. Lightsource is certainly the reason I keep going back to this site. Of course, you can subscribe to their podcast through itunes.

Other things has to offer are articles, book reviews, news, diy tutorials and much more. This site has been in existence for years and continues to be a source of help and inspiration for studio photographers everywhere.  Definitely one of my favorite sites out there. Check it out! – Best of the best

February 27, 2010

Face for Today by dalone

For our first site to suggest, I want to suggest one of the best photo sites I know of for inspiration. The photographs you’ll find on here will blow you away. Unless you have no interest in photography, you will be inspired.

The site is and the images there are unbelieveable. The site is comprised of the best images of the members who are there. Submit your best images and if it’s good enough, it will be added to the ever growing gallery there. It’s a very clean and beautiful site. You might just blow a few hours looking around there.

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February 27, 2010

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